FireballTool's Hardtail 510 Bench Vise VS Reed's 205 Bench Vise

Today in this short video, I compare my new Hardtail 510 bench vise to the legendary Reed 205 bench vise. You can find the brand new Fireball Hardtail 510 bench vise now here:

@Fireball_Jason is there a downside to opening up to ≈12"? Like, clearly you’ve made the choice to market it only opening to 10". Are you losing full thread engagement when you’re out to 12"? Is there a concern about clamping with full force at 12" extension going beyond the design factors? Was it not a big enough marketing difference to have a 614 and a 512? does it not-quite-make it to 12" and a 511 was already TM’d?? inquiring minds…

The vise is fine to operate at 10-12 in opening range. No damage will be done.