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Fireball Videos

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of the Fireball videos. Here, you will find general discussions about our videos, including extras, stories from the crew, and any other questions related to our videos.

Welding & Fabrication

Welders, welding gasses, welding hoods, and everything welding here! Questions and conversations about everything welding goes here, but keep your jig discussions in the fixture table category.


Create topics here that don’t fit into any other existing category.

Fixture Tables

This is fixture table central! Whether it’s about the Fireball Fixture Table, plate steel tables, or any other welding table, this is the place to discuss it all. Show us your setups, ask us questions, or give your feedback here.

Big Machinery

Big machines go brrrr. Here is the place to talk about these giant tools, as well as ask questions about them. Share your big machines, ask Jason about his, or even pitch your ideas for a new one that doesn’t exist quite yet!

Hand Tools

Welding squares, clamps, you name it! Here is the place to discuss all hand tools, whether they are Fireball’s or any other brand. This is the place to ask questions, rave, complain, or just show off your hand tools. This does not include vises or big machinery.


Vise, vise, baby! Here is the place for all vise talk. Any vise, new or old (or even those nonexistent…yet) can be talked about here. Have a vise-related question? Ask it! Want to show off your collection? Post it! Have feedback on the Fireball Vises? Leave it all here!

The Workshop

This is all about our workshop and yours! Shop layouts, custom benches & cabinets, and your big projects belong here. Ask questions or just show off!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.