NEW Video Discussion: "Office Build Episode 5: Stair Trek"

First of all: thank you guys for being patient. We’ve continued building the sci-fi office and the stairs have been the most time-intensive part of the project…so far…

Watch our newest episode of the sci-fi build series here!

This was really fun to make - the “Stair Trek” video theme has been bouncing in my head for a long time now, so it was great to finally make it come to light.

There are three videos referenced in this episode that can be found in the “SCI-FI OFFICE BUILD SERIES” playlist on the exclusive videos page. Those videos each go into great detail about how a single stair is fabricated, how the largest railing piece was fabricated, and how to fixture strange three-dimensional parts.

In this episode, Jason uses augmented reality to help determine the problems with the stair design; I did a write-up on the forum about how to use augmented reality in your design workflow that you can find here.

Other than that, please leave your thoughts, comments and questions here!

I can’t be the only one. When I try to watch your videos on mobile (both iPhone 12 and 15 with both Safari and Chrome) I can only get thru about 2-3 mins before it buffers. It never plays again unless I refresh the page. Also my phone gets noticeably hot during this time.

I suspect it’s because the video is broken into chunks and the next chunk doesn’t get loaded properly.

Can you use a different method of video playback? It’s really quite frustrating. You must put a ton of effort into these videos but they are currently unwatchable on mobile, at least from my experience.

Also I don’t have the option on mobile to change the quality. It defaults to a low quality and things just look awful.

Looking forward to watching the video once I can get to a PC and have some free time.

I watch the videos on my phone and don’t have this problem with buffering or phone heating up. It’s most likely a phone issue not a video issue.

I don’t know man, its happened to me on two different phones and in two different browsers.

Just wanted to say this series is great fun to follow! :slight_smile: great to see the design coming along and how you implement it! keep up the good work! big thumbs up to your animator as well it really adds something special to the videos :slight_smile:

I do agree with the others here that the video part of the site is not to friendly on mobile … i recently wanted to show someone a part of a clip but was unable to get it to work at all. (Using a iPhone XR, with safari)

Try using someone else’s wifi