Country of origin

I am assuming the heavy duty table and tooling are make over seas. Wondering what country tables are cast and tables/fixtures are machined. Would be nice they were 100% USA but I understand the pricing differences.

We cast out tables in Taiwan but all of our tooling is manufactured in USA.

Thanks for sharing where the tables are made. I’m delighted with my 60x30 “workbench” & now I know a bit more about where it came from.

It would be neat to see a video of the foundry and machining process of the tables!


Where are tables machined? Taiwan as well? You should do a video on the process of making the tables and tooling.

They are machined and QCed in Taiwan then we QC them again here in the States. There is a video on the channel that shows our facility here in the USA where we machine our squares and table tooling. Then if you look around instagram and the forum I think you can find some footage of the made in USA hardtails being machined.

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Thank you for the info! Greatly appreciated.

One other thing I was wondering about was the pallets you ship them on. I watched a YouTube video of a guy un crating a table and the pallet it came on was absolutely destroyed. Are you shipping them on better pallets now?

Thank you for posting that very cool!

They are not, mine came in the same flimsy plywood box with no blocking under it, just sitting flat on the bed of the truck.

for what they cost they could atleast put some 4x4 under it the dont fold over.

I was also not impressed with the packaging of my 4.5x8.5 table i received on friday. The plywood was tore up on one end where they shoved it with a forklift. Once i got it unpackaged i noticed they did scar it up a bit when they did that. Frustrating considering the price of the shipping. Dont get me wrong im a huge fireball fan and tell anyone that will listen to me about your products. Im sure it was the carrier that scarred up my table. Love my table though.

That’s a bummer. And criminally in my experience LTL shippers usually won’t let you open a crate and inspect it before rejecting a shipment for damage, and you can’t take the undamaged parts of it and reject the rest, in general it all has to go back.

Right. I spoke with the carrier today and they wanted to return the table… i was like meh. Its not worth all that.

They could construct a real pallet and set the crappy pallet on top for not much more money. Id gladly pay a extra 100 or so for something that protects the table better.

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