DIY Hole Plate

Good morning Jason,
Jason, I just got my mag drill and have a 5/8 bit and was thinking of using 3/4. I realize that you use the 3/4 holes in your videos; my table is 3/8 in thick, but I’m just a hobbyist. I noticed that your DIY hole plate was 3/4 in will you be making one that is 5/8in?


No we don’t make a 5/8 drill fixture at this time.

Look for drill guide bushings, I’m not sure if you could find ones that thin (3/4” O.D- 5/8” I.D.)

Another option would be something called a transfer punch. It fits intothe hole(so you’d need a 3/4” one) and you strike it with a hammer leaving a punch mark on the center of the hole.
You could keep the template for when you decide go thicker/bigger or sell it after.


Drill bushings make sense, however note that the template already has bushings installed. Per the template appears to be drilled Ø.875, so you would want .875 OD bushings instead. I WOULD VERIFY THIS DIMENSION PRIOR TO ORDERING HOWEVER. McMaster has them.