How to Decide 5/8” or 3/4” Table

Looking to get into a table system, but only want to have to buy one size of tooling. I will probably start by building a mitre station but the 24x12 plates are only available in 5/8”. Most of my fabrication will be bicycle type things, so I am wondering at what point does it make sense to go from 5/8” to 3/4”

5/8" technically gives you more places to buy fixtures and clamps, while 3/4" holes are generally considered to be stronger. I suspect either would work for fabricating bike parts.

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Get a drill press plate in 3/4. The 3/4 system is more versatile. 24"x18" Drill Press Fixture Plate

the 3/4" system is the only system that lets you fixture both light and heavy duty in one system.

Same set of fixtures works on both 1/2" thick and 1" thick tables

It has the strength of 28mm fixtures, the hole spacing of 5/8 (or 16mm) fixtures

The fixture system for 3/4 is the simplest to use and we have a large pipeline of clamps in development that will make it the most versatile system

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I have thought about that for both the drill press and the mitre station/bench I would like to build. I wish the 24"x12" also came 3/4" though.

Im aware of that I thought maybe there was a point where one made more sense over the other based off the type things you’re fabricating. Obviously both will work for my needs.

I’d always avoid proprietary if you can. You’ll never be disappointed you went with something that’s industry standard. Everybody else uses 5/8" so that’s what I went with. If a bunch of other companies start coming out with 3/4" then it’ll be a matter of how much money you want to spend on ticker tables for 3/4" to work properly vs 5/8.

I’d offer a counter-opinion. The 5/8 and 3/4 systems both use the same hole spacing/pattern, so 5/8 tooling can be converted for use on a 3/4 table. Conversion is probably a minor consideration but is a possibility should one have a bunch of 5/8 tooling, or find that the 3/4 tooling was not available. As Jason has noted multiple times, 3/4 is an optimal choice & we’re seeing Fireball continuing to expand their offerings for 3/4 tables and tooling. Yes, any of these systems are expensive, but once in your shop, you will be delighted with a 3/4 table and tooling. This is a case where being the maverick has more upside than downside.


FYI, there is some limited tooling you can purchase other places listed as being for 19mm holes. I purchased a few things on Banggood I’ll be posting about. Nothing as good as what Fireball tool makes, but some OK stuff and potentially useful accessory things.

I put my money into 2 Dragon Wagons with 3/4" holes. I believe Fireball will be around for some time to come, and as you mentioned, if they do fold and I need a replacement clamp or something in the future, converting 5/8 tooling to 3/4 is possible (and even easier because you can press fit a sleeve onto the 5/8" stud rather than turning down a 3/4" stud to 5/8").

@Fireball_Jason are the 24x12 plate going to come with 3/4 holes?

Yes they are in production.