Drilling Template

I bought and used the drilling jig for my 3’x6’ top. Worked really well with my mag-drill! The blocks & clamps are fitting really tight though. What is the logical next step to smooth or ream the holes so the pins go inn& out a little easier?

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Have you chamfered your holes or taken a caliper to check diameter one the holes? The hole needs to be a .750 +.001/-.000 for the tooling to work well.


I drilled the holes with a 3/4” Weldon Shank bit in a mag drill.
What tool do you recommend to chamfer the holes .001 over?

@Wadeintahoe It’s personal preference. I like 90 degree cutter .020 depth or so. I think it’s more important to make them look consistent rather than size.

I was asking about how to make the holes a smidge bigger with a reamer, drill, or something. Probably a thousands would do. Too tight after drilling with 3/4” slugger.

Yes a .751 reamer