Mag Drill Chuck

I bought a Vevor mag drill because of the price. I saw some reviews on YouTube about that it was actually a pretty good value for the money (at least for what I need). However in that review, while measuring the runout of the mag drill itself was good, the included chuck was pretty bad. What would you all recommend as a good replacement chuck for it?

As far as I know you can’t improve on it because of the way it attaches, but I’d be interested in a solution as well, if one exists.

Did you get one of the variable speed models that can reverse for tapping?

I got this one:

It has the variable speed but is not reversible. However I have a CNC mill I’m going to assemble so I don’t really need another way to tap.

It just uses set screws for the chuck adapter. I was hoping the shaft diameter was some kind of standard size so there were would be other companies that make chucks and/or adapters for their chucks that would fit.

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It’s supposed to be a standard size, but it’s not a Fein or anything so they might’ve cut a few corners. I’m sure it’s totally fine for normal mag drill things. I think they’re supposed to be 3/4" Weldon attachments but it wouldn’t surprise me if they just got “close enough.”

I totally see your point about the CNC mill for tapping. I just know how much I appreciate being able to move the tool to the work sometimes.

I’m just not really into a lot of the mechanized stuff yet, but I think it depends on what you’re doing. My perception has been I’m better off not having to teach the computer how to cut something since I’m usually doing one off stuff. What kind of mill are you putting together?

How does it attach? is it on a taper?

Most drill chucks have run out and it is listed in there specs. So I can see small amount of run out in the mag drill, then some in the chuck, than at the end of the cutter or drill bit a fair amount and gets worse as things get longer.

The Vevor drill chuck is a Weldon attachment.

I got a Langmuir Systems MR1 CNC mill.

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What’s a better brand that won’t have so much runout?

It depends on what you mean by “so much.” I have a Milwaukee 4208 that’s overall really nice but I’m disappointed in the runout on the sleeve that has the Morse Taper in it as it’s about .003" at the chuck. The chuck itself is high quality and didn’t even measure .0001" runout on a lathe. Those numbers don’t mean the bit is wobbling badly but they’re not what I’d like to see, that’s for sure.

I was looking for a mag drill with a 5/8"-3/4" 3-jaw chuck and a Weldon attachment so my options were severely limited but there might be one with less runout.

I looked pretty hard at the Langmuir, they’re just kind of sketchy as a company. They don’t put anything in writing (no binding contract stipulating warranty or SLA), but say “trust us, we’ll take care of you if there’s a problem.” If you look into the ownership information it kind of looks kind like a pump and dump type scheme where they develop a good reputation by treating their first few customers well for awhile, then gut the company and get rid of all the US customer service people and stop answering the phone. It’s perfectly legal, but it scared me away from them pretty permanently.

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That hasn’t been my experience with them at all. I bought it last November. There was a delay in getting mine but they actually were really good and gave me their black friday deal after the fact since it was late. They also sent a replacement part out when I noticed that it was potentially damaged without asking for the return. They do have a phone support number that is a bit challenging to find and they don’t always answer, but they did always call me back. Actually they are pretty responsive in the forums (and listen / take action on the community feedback) and via email. They shipped another part just recently that they had fixed an issue on for free and made another part upgrade available at cost (touch probe). You should look through the forums. They do seem to be a small company but overall, the vast majority of the people on the forums are happy. Not perfect but definitely not sketchy. They actually are kind of similar to Fireball, where they have had some issues but always made good on it.

They’re great now since they’re in the pump phase of pump and dump. I just was sketched out by them not being willing to put anything in writing. I hope I’m wrong, but my bet is that they’re going to do a full reversal of the experience you’re currently having in just a few years.

To be clear, this is just my hypothesis. I’m not stating it definitively. It just smells bad to me.

Any chance of posting a pic of how your measuring that runout?
Im not clear on what your saying

What were you concerned that they hadn’t put in writing? The warranty is in the listing for all their CNC products, 12 months on hardware and 6 months on electronics. Or was it that you wanted some additional accuracy specs or something that they don’t already provide?

Here is the video review I found on it where he measured the runout on camera (at about the 3 min mark):

He puts it at about 12 thou of runout, which seems like a lot to me. Conversely, without the chuck, he has it at about 1-2 thou, which is much better. I haven’t measured mine yet but I’ll let you know what I find.

I agree that’s alot. I would think someone out there is making a chuck that is much better on runout but I am sure they would not be cheap. Looks like a nice drill, I do agree with him it does seem to spin pretty fast

Who is what I was hoping some others on here may know :slight_smile:

The last keyless check I bough for my Mill had a runout spec on it. It was some off shore brand and I don’t think the runout was that good.
I would think Jacob’s would list runout on there chucks

The chuck is junk. Get yourself a Jacobs or Supreme chuck and a Weldon adapter like I did. I have the same drill and rewired the switch so the drill cannot be turned on until the magnet is energized. Weldon Shank Adapter JESTUOUS 3/4 Inch Weldon Shank to 1/2 Inch-20UNF Threaded Shank for Drill Chucks Hand Drill Press…(Amazon)

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Thank you! I had called Jacobs when it was mentioned previously in the thread but they never got back to me (and I didn’t get back to it either). This definitely is helpful and saves me some time. I knew someone on here had to have the same type of mag drill. :slight_smile: