Best Mag-Drill

Wondering what the best quality for the money Mag-Drill press would be . Just a hobby / Farmer fabricator

I use a hougan,I believe HMD 900,was on sale for@ $700. Have a friend who had a small weld shop uses a dewalt with no problems. Evolution sells them.see a lot of vevor videos,might be the cheap path. Getting into quality anular cutters is a big expense ,I just have what I usually use in the shop. 5/8, 3/4 ,9/16 ,1/2

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We use a Milwaukee with a 2 speed gear box. Found it used on Craigslist 5 years ago for $700. It’s heavy but certainly has plenty of torque for bigger butters with the 2 speed gear box. Moving it around the shop with the crane is a must. If you’re using one in the field on equipment, I would consider comparing weights before purchasing.

Also use 2 speed Milwaukee, but I got one with a permanent mechanical magnet instead of the electromagnet. The only reason was for vertical or overhead, when looking between the two tool guy said if you have the electromagnet and blow breaker or someone unplugs cord, its instantly gone. (I know you could put the saftey strap on it, but thats not gonna happen. lol)

I have the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Mag Drill and love it. It is Awesome out in the Field. I carry 4 12.0ah Batteries with it at all times. Because it is a Juice Hog.
Definitely not Cheap Tool price wise. Got mine several years ago when they first came out, as a kit with 2 12.0ah Batteries and the full set of Milwaukee Annular Cutters and it was around $2500 and then about $400 more for 2 more 12.0 Batteries

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