Since the FAQ is so barren

Whats the benefit in forcing people offsite to comment

Lol….”forcing”….but if you own a business and post your content on a free sight, having people come to your website and forum to have dialogue seems like a particularly smart idea. Two way communication, advertise his products, get/recieve advice on those products and manufacturing. Just my opinion but seems like good business.

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fucking hopeless

While I miss the shear volume of comments from youtube. This site has been helpful to know about, sales, questions, and get immediate updates on current and future products.

Also seeing what ideas other people do is quite nice. Ive read some helpful tips here, being able to save them for later is awesome.

well at least someone isn’t completely one-sided

Also its almost impossible for jason to ignore questions or concerns. If a topic gets popular enough jason will have to address it.

Or imagine if you buy a tool and it has a premature failure, or sent out broken. Nothing is stopping anyone from posting about it here. Reaching him and his team extremely quick. Thats a lot of power in the hands of the customer.

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So instead of seeing the positives of this site…you choose to see it as a negative. That is an issue….not a issme…!!! I have no more time to waste on hatebaiters. Good day sir….

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you… have… to… do… some… fucking… reading… though…, get… to… it…