Teasing The Next Undercover Fab-Shop Video - *VIDEO INSIDE*


I just got back all of the parts that we sent out to some local fab shops and I wanted to give you guys, the forum users, an exclusive peak at the work and a small dive into why this challenge is more difficult than it appears.

Give the plans a try for yourself and see if you can make this part!

To catch up on this series, watch our last two videos here:

Part 1:

Part 2:


That’s fun - maybe I’ll make another one. Not until I get something flat to hold it though.

I can’t wait to get my hands on your new fab table so I can try this.

Jason, you’re going to be guilty of raising the standards of the fab industry. Good for you! This seems like an excellent exercise to demonstrate the value of your fixture tables.

Morning caffeine hadn’t sunk in yet, so as I was looking at the new print & noting the efforts made to address so many of the critiques of the first test prints, I started scratching my head wondering about the item quantities… Then I noticed QTY: 2, doh! :wink:


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@Arcwarrior Try it without the fixture table system. Document the fabrication we like to see the outcome. You’ll have a better understanding of your true skill set.

Jason: Are there two typos in the cut specifications?

It should be fixed now!

How would one cut miters on two sides of a 4 sided tube? I can understand cutting miters on ends… :grinning: Always up for learning new fab techniques…

@cvairwerks What’s this question in reference to?

Jason: The first two Cut specifications in the drawing tell you to cut 45 degree miters on both sides of tubes… All the callouts I’ve ever seen in the production and test world, the spec would be something close to “Miter ends at 45 degrees, per top view”.

@cvairwerks I think it’s pretty clear how the tubes should be cut.

45 both ends is better grammar, but with the drawing its hard to throw stones at the grammar