Video Discussion: "How to Get Perfectly Sanded Corners"

In this video, Jason demonstrates how to get those beautiful eye-poppingly smooth corners after a weld.

What do you guys think?


Around 4:30 you mention the guard getting in the way so you’re not running one. Would you care to elaborate on that decision? If you were running in flat to the inner corner, I could see the guard keeping you from getting good surface contact, but you actually make that grind with the outer edge of the disk at a substantial angle. All of the outer corner work looks to me like stuff where the guard would not hinder you at all.

I’ve never used these combi-click wheels, but the knife edge coupled with the larger surface area looks like exactly the sort of thing where I’d expect it to want to grab and kick a little bit more than a flap wheel.

I’m aware of the risks of not having a guard on the grinder. I’ve found the guard gets in the way of getting full 2” disc contact on the metal. Full contact helps with material gouging.

I’ve spent most of the day trying to understand what you’re getting at (two days into covid, so I’ve got nothing better to do and my brain is not firing on all cylinders) and this is the best I can do at comprehending it. The guard tips the tool up by several degrees to get contact with the disc. This makes the (always slightly oval) cross-section of the cut significantly rounder. The consequence of that is that each pass only gets about 2/3 as much width, and the base of the “cove” that is cut is about 3 times deeper than it is on the shallower approach. This appears to apply any time the surface to be ground is more than half a wheel diameter deep.

That’s actually pretty counterintuitive, and is going to make me examine my grinders to see if any of them have a functional guard that does not stick out past the grinding disk significantly. Changing the relative “stick out” of the guard by a very small increment makes a big difference in the effective “tram” of the disk.

The whole purpose of the combi click system is that you have a flat piece of sandpaper to grind with. The idea is that you want the disk as parallel as you can get for grinding wide areas because the combi click system support multiple grits all the way up high polish, so you want as flat a grind as possible.

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Great video,How about another Favorite things video? like the one for 2022

Just saw a tool that would help if your corner was tighter.

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Yes those are fantastic for small spaces.