What would you charge for these 2 frames?

What would your fab shop charge for the 2 frames that were built in the most recent YouTube video? 2x2 .120 wall steel square tube, not aluminum that’s in the photo. Approx 24”x24” square? How long would it take you to build them. How long would I have to wait to get them once I ordered them?

Brilliant - I really hope plenty of people chime in. Since I already figured it out, my shop (that I work for, not own) would charge $316 each. That’s 15 mins saw time, 1 hour welding, 15 mins welding set up, 15 mins admin making a saw list / drawings for cutting the tubes. Tubing would be blasted steel tube with traceable HT numbers. 3 weeks lead time. Within half the required tolerances because that’s our norm.

Cheers. :+1:

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I have thought about this….I would charge $350 for both frames. I’m figuring $100 in materials, two hours labor, and I could work them in about one week.

Since I have the best fixture table on the planet it would take about 10 min to fixture. 20 min welding…max…and a little grinding/flap disk work.

$350 total. Easy extra money. Let me know when you want them. Based on some of the comments on the reaction to the video maybe I should go up on that price. But 350 for 24”x24” square seems fair to me. This is not my focus of welding, obviously, but $600 for two squares seems outrageous.

Certainly open to opinions.

I’m a one man shop as a side business. Using a fixture table though regrettably not a Fireball yet.

Materials- $91.20
Time - $90.00 (2-hours)
Overhead and Profit - $57.98
$239.18 total for both
2-3 weeks lead time

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I think I saw another comment that indicates you completed this task as your own version of this experiment.

Now that you’ve completed this process, would you change anything about your initial cost assessment?

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Allen, yes we did…me some friends all tried out hands at this challenge, and then I did it again (just cut the squares apart vs. new material). I don’t think so. I think $300-350 is decent pricing for the job.

With Drew doing so much better than the professionals he deserves a raise!!

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