Zep Floor Stripper for Degreasing?

What do you guys use to degrease your tools & machines in your shop? We’ve found that Zep floor stripper works great for this (as long as you don’t dilute it or use it on cheap paint). Anyone else tried this?

Jason showed this in his Favorite Things video from last year (it starts 22 seconds in)

lol. My poor machines probably could use a degrease… WD-40 if it’s a problem tho

If it can’t be cleaned with WD40 and/or Simple Green, it doesn’t deserve cleaning!

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After seeing Jasons video about the floor stripper, I bought a gallon, wow, my new favorite cleaner for oil / greasy stuff. ( I just over hauled a 1920 commercial, Singer sewing machine, the inside workings were covered in 100 year oil and dirt, the stripper and a light brush did wonders. Great tip.


I work in the field and don’t always have my good products on hand at a given time. That said, I’ve had great luck with purple power for several years now. Mix it very strong with little water for diluting and let the chemical do the work. It can be found at almost any auto parts store or walmart. I’ve also found the ZEP wheel cleaner does a great job in a pinch.

I recommend Castrol Super Clean. I have a lot of experience with this cleaning agent. Super Clean is a very effective water-based cleaning agent that is very aggressive on greasy, dirty machines and other equipment. This cleaning agent uses an alkaline pH chemistry with strong surfactants and other performance enhancing additives. It rinses off easily with water after dissolving/solubilizing all types of surface contamination. However, it can darken uncoated aluminum and soften paint if it is left on a surface for extended soak times. Castrol Super Clean is also biodegradable and safe for the environment. Super Clean works best if applied full strength. Very heavy dirt will need some brushing with a stiff cleaning brush, then rinsed off with either cold or hot water. The equipment to be cleaned should not be water wetted first. Super Clean works best on dry surface dirt. It is effective on many types of surfaces and with various dirt compositions.
Super Clean is safe for use on general machinery and automotive equipment. Do not apply Super Clean to electric motor or generator/alternator windings!
Super Clean always works really well for me. (I am not affiliated with Castrol.)

I’ll have to try the super clean. Thanks for the suggestion.

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