16mm tooling

If your layout is counting holes and multiplying by 2, you’re missing the entire point of a fixture table. It doesnt matter if its metric, standard or cubits and if you did say it won’t work you would be doubling down. Peace out.

@ArizonaMetalworks I disagree. The table hole spacing is very important. The fixtures and material need to work together. The material thickness, fixture sizes and hole spacing all add up for easy set up. I can easily hit any dimension with the fireball fixtures as long as the material is standard size using shims or a tooth block most of the time without a tape measure. I can do this because the Fireball table and fixtures is a measuring device. That’s the reason fixture tables exist. I recommend buying a table that matches the material you use the most.

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So it seems that my post has been ignored judging by all the comments on a new topic in this thread. So I’ll ask again:

When will 16mm tooling become available?

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probably March or April the full line will be available for 16mm


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That is very disappointing because I’ve had email notifications set up for at least a month before my first post and there was a post by you guys indicating they would be available shortly. And I really need them now as opposed to late spring.

I need to come up with a solution and I’m not sure if I’ll make my own stuff or buy your 5/8 stuff and make 16mm pins for them. Either way it’s a can of worms. Had I known sooner I would have already done something to solve my problem.

That’s cool. I can work in either metric or imperial, but I have to rely on a way to measure it when it comes out fractionally. Most of my fabrications rarely land on a whole number. The tooth blocks are going to be handy when they’re available in the FM16 version for those of us with metric tables when we want to pull an imperial tape. Until then divide by 25.4 :slight_smile:

Are you waiting on toothblocks? Mind if I ask what’s the challenge you need a solution for? Like you, I’m in the 16mm box and anxiously awaiting the Fireball offerings. I’m a big fan.

The FM16 stuff is going full metric. Metric dimensions on hole centers, thickness, height, threads, etc.

The FA16 which is coming next will be inch dimensions for 16mm holes on 2 inch spacing.


I just checked the website after not looking for a couple of weeks. The FA16 blocks are in stock. I did not get an email notification and would not have known if I had not checked. Glad they are available or instead of March/April like you guys indicated. But you need to check the notification system for item availability.

I’m in the FA16 box… 16mm table on 2" centers.

The Fence Blocks I purchased, ~12 months ago, have the 5/8" Stud Pins. While the 5/8" Stud Pins work as designed, at times, the side to side rocking is too much & I need a tighter tolerance. My thinking is I need to have some 16mm Stud Pins in my arsenol, whenever I need the tighter tolerance. And I get it… mixing 16mm & 5/8 tooling is not recommended. That said…

Are 16mm Stud Pins coming when you roll out the full FA16 system in North America this year ? Thx.

Most FA16 stuff has a different pin diameter than FA625 stuff.

If it’s a positioning application it will use a different diameter.