5/8" tooling availability

@Fireball_Eli ,Is there any scheduled time that the 5/8" tooling might be available again? The 5/8" tooth block and washer, and fence stops in particular. It looks like I can order the tooth block and the washer separately, but not together?

The blocks are marked as out of stock because one of the components, the stud pin, is out of stock.

This then triggers all the items which use that pin to become out of stock. I’ll need to see when we’re making more, the tacking bolts and those pins are always fighting for capacity.

We have a new lathe and it’s waiting for a bar feeder.

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@Fireball_Eli, any update on this? May to November seems like enough time to re-stock the stud pins unless I’m missing something.

We did restock in between, we went out of stock 1-2 weeks ago. Right now it’s mainly the pins backed up, but we have a massive amount coming in the next month.

@Fireball_Eli, I really appreciate the response. For those of us who bought the tooth block and washer separately because we needed them, will we be able to order the pins separately when they do come back in stock?

@some_rando send me a DM with your order info and I can send you some pins

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Checking in to see when the table clamp pack would be back and available.
Really looking to pick this up for my new table, I had to make my own to hold me over