3/4” - 2” on center template

Will there be another production run of these someday?


They will be more available Monday the 13th

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I have a 2.5" thick table top that is 4.5’ x 8.5’ and has been precision machined flat. I know it would take a lot of work to drill that many holes but I have always wanted to make it a fixture table. What would your recommendation be for drilling something like this? I dont think an annular cutter is going to work because of the depth. I had considered drilling it with a mag drill and a traditional drill bit slightly undersized and then going back through and using a reamer. I am not sure how tight the tolerances need to be for it to work.

Hougen makes a 11/16 x up to 6" annular… which might still leave too much meat in the hole to send a reamer through.? Unless two different reamers to step it up.

Any idea if these templates will be available in the EU store Jason + crew?

I am looking at buying this drill jig and I was thinking a great add on would be if you had a attachment that would let to drill holes on the side of your table. Like if you wanted to add a skirting around the sides of your table like the cast fireball tables have. I know you could just turn the jig on its side but it would be way better if you could somehow index off the top holes in your table that way all your holes lined up. Just a idea.

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Hey Jason I’m from Australia and very keen to buy the drill fixture and fixture kit. My concern is the freight charge of $553 has made it cost prohibitive for me. It’s over $1200 aud delivered. Is there another way to get it delivered rather than the one suggested? Please let me know if there’s a different option before I drop so much money on shipping. Thank you I can’t wait to get it

Any plans for doing a 5/8" - 2" on center template for us 5/8" tooling guys?


@vin157 We currently have no plans on making a 5/8 version.

It will take 6+ months before they are in Europe, they will be in a 50mm hole spacing.

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It’s going to be quite heavy and the template itself is really long. Not sure there’s any better way to do it at this point.

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Thanks for the reply, look forward to it coming out here, I have so many fixtures I want to make this will be perfect!

Jason— don’t desert us now! Built , with your online plans, the air/hydraulic jack base, used your plate leveling studs using the old school leveling system with a ball bearing and multi meter. Got a top on and now only need to drill some 5/8 holes. Please see if you can make some plans to produce a 5/8 inch version of the template.

I believe that the template has 3/4 drill bushings…what about getting the template & then replacing with 5/8 bushings to allow drilling a 5/8 table? Both use 2" spacing don’t they?


I’d drill 3/4 if you have a blank top. 3/4 is better in every way.

I wonder if he could use the existing 3/4” template and press-in 1/16” hardened steel rings to reduce the holes down to 5/8 inch?

Assuming he hasn’t already invested in a bunch of 5/8” jigs & clamps.

Already have plenty of 5/8 clamps and fixtures. Whats the o.d. of the drill guides on your template?

I purchased your jig for my table build. My table top is 3/4" thick. Will I need to use the red spacers? I’m a newby here, please don’t take my head off. Thanks!

Thanks Jason!