Return Authorization

I bought some 5/8” system clamps by mistake. Need to return them. Can’t get thru to anyone. Please help me out.
Order #FB60652
Have submitted for return online and by voicemail. No response.

No problem, will get you sorted out. The team is at Fabtech this week. Will give you a call

Ok, thank you sir. Am loving my first squares and clamps. Will be buying many more. I’m mag drilling my own table. 3/4 system. Any advice for North, South, East, West hole alignment? Would be so great if you sold a template for this. I may buy one of your tables one day, but many of us can’t afford one now.

Your in luck we have a 3/4 drill template ready for sale next week. 2x2” hole spacing

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Awesome! I’ll be buying one for sure. Glad I asked.