3/4” - 2” on center template

I messaged Jason a few weeks ago about a template for drilling your own table top. Jason said he was going to make one available shortly. Any word on when that will be available for purchase?

here’s a preview of it, should be live today or tomorrow

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@Wadeintahoe what thickness plate do you plan to use this with?

I am very interested to see how Jason overcomes the cumulative error that often occurs with this type template over long distances. For example, to use this template on a 4x8 sheet of steel.

@Ronnie I would say accuracy expectations should match the price. Lots of variables like surface flatness, twist, drill bit or slugger bit, used or new cutter can make a difference. This is designed for entry level fabrication or somebody on a tight budget. But this template will improve bit wondering and keep adjacent hole to hole tolerance low. If accuracy is important to welder I’d always suggest a production table like the dragon wagon.

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I have a 1/2” thick top.

1/2” thick top for now.

Looks like a nice jig! What are all the gizmos for?

I will be drilling with a new Hougen mag drill & annular bit.

3/4” holes right? Plan shows .875.

The holes are .750 inside diameter. There’s a drill bushing in there, so the drawing we threw up is referencing the hole size before the bushing is installed.

Good catch, we’ll get that updated.

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@Wadeintahoe it’s available now

One inch thick, now that’s a template!

Jason, I just ordered the drilling template. Looks very nice! Excited to get it and get drilling. Will you be doing a YouTube video on its use?

Yes, I’ll have a demonstration video in the near future.

Nice! :+1:t3:

Got my drilling template today! :nerd_face:
What are the red rings for? Any eta on when Jason will be putting up a YouTube video of the template being used?

@Wadeintahoe The red ring is a spacer/washer that goes over the tacking bolt. It’s to help the bolt grip 1/2 thick table tops.

Currently working on a “how to video” now, But I’ll try to get a basic post up today on how to use the template.

Ok, great! Thx! It’s a big-ol-template. Looking forward to using it.