Welding Table Drill Guide - Material considerations

I would be curious to hear what type of material is suggested when using the drill template for a DIY fixture table. What would be good budget material be that is reasonably accessible and what would be the ideal material that is reasonably accessible?

Also thanks for offering products that help those of us little guys get going until we can afford the bigger investments, it’s much appreciated.

The minimum table thickness you can use our tooling on is 1/4" plate. You will still find significant potato chip in 1/4 A36. Maybe think about adding some ribbing to the underside of the table.

Is the drill template still available?

Would also love to know when the drill guide will be available. Just finished a project and thought…man, I really need to drill my table for fixturing. Did a search on youtube and Fireball Tool to the rescue

Didnt get an email saying someone replied so I guess I missed it. Any idea when they will be back in stock again?