5/8 or 16mm drill template

Agreed, I would think anyone building a table would have the skill to press it n some bushings. But then again🤣

So has anyone used the drill guide? What did you think of it?
Were you able to check holes with calipers?

5/8 or 16mm is a far more common size for fixture table tooling. I was going to buy the template kit, but when i looked for the 3/4 or 19mm tooling I could only find it on fireballtool and even then it was still limited

This is still my biggest fear about the plunge into a pair of 3/4" tables, but I’m betting on Jason and Fireball Tool being around and innovating for quite a while.

@mRhAnKbOt Were not going anywhere. There’s already rumors of other table manufacturers getting into the 3/4 table game. I think they see the benefits over the 5/8, 16mm and 28mm.
I think they see 3/4 can replace all the sizes eventually.

I dunno, metric guys gonna metric. :rofl:

@mRhAnKbOt The hole spacing on the table and fixtures is what needs to change. The hole diameter stays the same for metric table systems.

Metric Fireball tables are currently in production. 50mm hole spacing vs 2in

I suppose for the metric guys the 3/4" holes will be called 19mm and just round off the 0.05mm, it’s closer than 5/8" and 16mm and a lot of people treat that as basically interchangeable despite 2.5x the difference.

So Jason would you do me a favor when you have a min.
I think you have a 24" calipers, would you measure the hole placement accuracy on the table you used the drill guide?
If you have .750 or .749 gauge pin I would love to know how close the hole Diameter came out?
And how would you say the holes put in with the guide compare with the holes there were water jetted in?

One more thing , not knowing how flat the table was that you used the drill guide on, did you run into any holes that the cutter bound up in the guide, from the cutter not being perfectly parallel to the bushing?

Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work!

I wish I could. I sold the table. The holes were accurate. I tested the holes with the jig once I was done in the direction of travel by flipping the jig 90 degrees. A pin would drop in at both ends. It’s really good for a diy option. Is it as good as a dragon wagon? I’d say no,

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Thank you

I am currently drilling a table using the drill guide. I am not able to turn the jig 90 degrees and get the pins in the ends. In 32” (16 rows) of holes, I am off by close to 1/16” . Any idea what is causing? If I am calculating correctly I am off by around .004” per row. Wondering if the vice grip clamps are pulling the jig slightly when clamping. Plan to try turning the jig 90degrees in center of table and drilling a row 6 holes or so to establish the spacing and then fill in and repeat. Appreciate any thoughts you might have.