5/8" tacking bolt

I have a BuildPro (TMQR54738) Fixture Table with 5/8" thick slats and 5/8" dia. holes will the Tooth Block Kit (5/8") part # FA625-TBM821-A1-BDK and 5/8" Tacking Bolt part # FA625-BTA 160 , fit my table or do I need a BuildPro tacking bolt that is the right length for my table and your Tooth Block Kit?

The you need the fireball tacking bolt to use the tooth block. Its longer then the buildpro


just to make sure , that your tacking bolt will fit my table, your tables are 3/4 in thick and mine is 5/8 " thick will it still work , thanks

Yes it has a wide range of clamping 3/8-5/8 table thickness.

thanks again, love you videos, I’m 66 years old and just now starting to weld and fabricate and really enjoy it , also love your tools. Thanks for your help.

I don’t see any info but what is the min to max clamping range of your 5/8" tacking bolts?

They will work with 3/8-5/8 table top, with the 1” thick Fireball fixtures. So 1.375-1.625.