ToothBlock Kit with 1/4" thick fixture table

I have a fixture table with 16mm holes on 2" centers from another manufacturer and my top is only 1/4" thick. Is it possible to use the ToothBlock Kit with this table. I don’t think the Tacking Bolts that you use with that fixture will work on my table top that is only 1/4. Is that correct? Is there another way I can still make that ToothBlock fixture work with my table?


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it would work, you would need to use a bunch of spacers or washers to take up the slack in the extra space in the bolts

the holes on the 1/4" tables typically don’t have a chamfer on the back side, but it still generally works with the bolts

I too have a 16mm table on 2" centers… which is 1/4" thick. (from CertiFlat)

re: the ~3/4" spacers I need to fabricate to be used with the Toothblock Kit.

Is it practical for the ~3/4" spacers be used “top side” on the table ? Or just “underside” of table, or both ?

Just trying to understand what makes sense, should I go down this path. Thx.

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Yes you can use your 1/4 table top with the correct spacer. It’s preferred to put the spacer on the top next to the head of the tack bolt.


Those spacers are only for the Fireball 3/4" system, if you’re using another system you’ll have to use some washers that fit 5/8 or 16mm bolts

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I think the good news is that you can still use the toothblock kit. I did a dumb thing when I got mine and didn’t buy the tacking bolts, but I was still able to use the blocks and washers. This isn’t the best idea, but it worked for me: while I was waiting for the order for tacking bolts to come in, I used some 5/8-11 bolts through the table and just tightened a nut onto the underside.

Those tacking bolts are really awesome, though. They’re totally worth having even if you have to weld a washer to them to make it a little more convenient.

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