Tooth Block Kit - 5/8" System Ball Lock Bolts and Locating Pins


I’ve been keeping an eye (two when I can spare them) on getting pair to use on my 5/8 Build Pro table. My delay has been on getting the ball lock bolts and pins…

  1. When will these parts be available?

  2. Are the ball lock bolts adjustable enough to use on a 5/8 thick table (I think I see a set screen on them)?

  3. Are 5/8 variants of products being phased out ( I see that the 14" Cast Iron Tower Block no longer has a web page for 5/8" version) or is the production focus at the moment on 3/4" items to meet demand for the tables?

A project I just completed had me wishing I would have had the tooth blocks! Thanks!

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@Prometheus Production is a game of whack a mole. There’s 5 components that need to be turned for the bolts and then there’s several assembly steps. We might have some limited availability for the 5/8 end of the month, basically we have some parts just waiting one more component for assembly.

The bolts have a floating collar so they will work for both 1/2" and 5/8" thick tables. It works similar to the buildpro T55057. By the fall we should have a lot of inventory, we have some new machines coming online for turning parts.

5/8" system will be around, it’s not going anywhere. For the 14" blocks, we don’t have any current plans to make it in 5/8" because people can already buy blocks from other manufacturers. We probably had it listed as a mass part creation process.

We might make a 14" block in the future for 5/8" but it is not planned for now.

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Awesome, I’ll be waiting eagerly!