Group Buy of the Month

We’re looking to start a deal of the month at Fireball, any tool brand, we will try to make it happen.

Nothing is too crazy, any brand and price point. You want high end TIG welding machines, 72x2 abrasives belts, a set of micro-screw drivers, some tap and drill sets?

We also have wholesale accounts with companies like Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Stabila, so if you want to make it easy on us we can start there also.


I’m in!

I’ve been looking at drill indexes lately. I need to add a decent set of HSS twist drills to my shop.

@Nosferatu the 29pc jobber style drill sets, or something else?

Metal box or round plastic case?

@Fireball_Eli more like the ~115 piece jobber sets. Metal case.


@Nosferatu hmm, let me look into that, have a couple US made brands I’ve been meaning to hit up

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It seems like I’m the only one interested, so don’t waste a whole lot of time on it! :smiley:

I wouldn’t be opposed to some drill & tap indexes in SAE and metric either.

I’m interested in a larger set of American made drill bits as well…sorry been busy under the hood.

I wouldn’t mind jumping in on a drill index …

I got a line on some Norseman sets, just figuring out which ones to offer.

There’s a wide range of pricing from approximately $250, $650, $1100 for the higher end sets.

I’d be interested to know what people prefer in terms of quality and price point.

Personally I am in the $250 range

Yeah I’d be in the $250 range myself….

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Which sets are you looking at?

Norseman 93840

115 pc set, black and gold finish. 135 degree, jobber length.

About $275.

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I’m in……when will they be available…??

not sure yet, probably mid July


A nice set of 72x2 abrasives belts sounds great for a future group buy!


@Zef great idea, what grits would you like to see? We can offer some Norton Blaze at great prices.

They typically come in 5 packs, though we could potentially do a mix and match on our end.

I’d personally be interested in an assortment of belts so I don’t have to buy 5 of each and guessing as to what I will need as I’m just getting started. I don’t even have a grinder yet but am planning on building one soon. I believe I’d want 2 belts each in a number of grits, as I am interested in using it for both wood and metal, and I’ve seen people advise keeping belts used on wood separate.

Obviously everyone has different needs and I’m not sure what would serve others best, but maybe you could come up with what you think is a nice mix of belts based on what wears out the most quickly and what most people need. For instance, if you made an assortment 5-pack, you might include 4 different grits, but 2 of the 36 for faster material removal, which probably everyone would appreciate.

I don’t know the answers about what it should contain, but if you could make some options available that would be compelling to beginners like me as well as people with experience that need to restock, that would be pretty cool.

Ive learned the hard way that a good set of taps cannot be found in any hardware store in town. Ive had to resort to different online brands. My money is on a tap and die set to end all sets!