Cast Iron Fixture Table and Stainless

Our weld shop is looking to purchase a fixture table but not sure which one. Most of what we make is mild steel but about 15% of jobs are stainless. I was told a cast iron fixture table, like the Fireball table, would not be compatible with stainless. Is this true, is there a workaround, or should we just eliminate cast iron tables from our search?

What kinds of stainless jobs are you doing? Generally any stainless jobs won’t be affected unless it’s for food processing.

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Stainless racks and shelves out of 304 mostly. Nothing food grade.

You’ll love cast iron then.

My old job was 99% food/pharma stainless. We used carbon steel tables. Perfectly fine. The only contamination you’d need to take measures to prevent is no grinding or cutting carbon steel near your stainless. The sparks can impregnate into the stainless. …hee hee hee …“impregnate”…
…hee hee hee!


@IronCornWelding thank you for your input, my own thinking was along the lines of whether existing fabrication took place in a ferrous/non ferrous segregated shop.

Table surface probably wouldn’t be a significant source of contamination if the shop itself was full of ferrous fabrication.