Steel fixturetable for Stainles steel welding

Hi folks!

Im currently looking to buy a Fixture table for our workshop.
We do 80% stainless work and 20% copper and alu work.

Now i have a aluminum table that is not flat or good in any way so im looking at a fixture table. If i get a Plasma nitrided table could it be any problem w carbon contamination?

My salesmen for Seigmund tables tells me that is not a problem what is your take on it?

Best regards

Hello. I weld/fabricate for a company that 98% of the things we make are food/pharma grade stainless. All of our tables are carbon steel. No contamination issues. Scratching the stainless is always an issue we try to prevent.
If we do have a carbon steel project (less than 1%), we grind and plasma cut in a different area of the shop. Once in a blue moon, an aluminum project comes in.

Thank you for your reply! Sounds siumular to our shop, that was what i wanted to hear.
Sorry for a late reply, i got caught by a evil cold over the weekends…

You could always use aluminum spacer blocks to keep parts from touching the fixture table, but all the stops, clamps, and blocks are steel too, so those are your likely sources of contamination if you’ll have any. I don’t work in a stainless shop, just a nerd with a manufacturing engineering degree and lots of time learning about steels when I was making knives and hacking up stainless kegs to make beer brewing kettles, but my experience is that anything that needs to be truly uncontaminated stainless needs passivation.

You can also get a thin stainless or aluminum sheet, and plasma cut with the hole pattern to fit over any other table. Most bolts of any brand have a little bit of extra clamping range to make up the difference in thickness.