Evolution Miter Saw- Special Offer

We’re about to start offering these saw on our website. These are covered under MAP pricing, but if anyone wants a 10% off deal, just reply here and we’ll message you a coupon code next week. :shushing_face:

(Evolution S355MCS: Mitering Chop Saw With 14 In. Mild Steel Blade | He)


will you stock blades as well?

I won’t have the blades up until later, but we will stock all versions of the blade

Sign me up!

Yes, please.

I would like that coupon.
Thank You!


I’m interested, if the offer is still good.

Please and thank you

Everyone should have received a coupon code, anyone else interested I’ll leave the offer up till end of March

Saw just showed up today; thanks for doing that.

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I could sure use that coupon code. I am a home shop machinist and have watched Adam Booth do all the machine work to finish one of your vises from raw castings. I have been looking for something like the Evolution S355MCS to cut up flat bar to build the items I make and sell part time. My small bandsaw is painfully slow so this would be a big improvement.

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