Fireball Tool availability

Fireball is a great product. I recently acquired a Minta square and that thing is foraminal. I also acquired a accouple other tools too see if they fit for my fixture table which they do. but went back to their fireball website and everything sold out which sucks. Just wonder wen it’ll be availably. btw am after the 5/8ths stuff. And my thanks goes out to Jason and the fireball team for developing such a great product. Looking forward to getting the rest of my fireball kit as soon as it available.

Yes just short on some pins. Hopefully within a week.

Just Made a 2 grand order jason and planning on getting some more stuff in the future… batter trough in acouple tshirts and some stickers:::bbb

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Slightly disappointed there are so many items that continue to be listed as sold out. Strange there is no way for Friends and Family to either order them to ship when available or buy a gift card or certificate to order them when available.

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