How do I get a hold of someone in customer services

I have called and email nothing I just want to trade out a tool.
A combination square it’s a amazing looking tool. aluminum just doesn’t have that cast iron
Feel I like

Hi there,

Can you provide me with your order number so our customer service team can locate your email and help you out with that exchange? Thanks so much!

Just look at voicemail’s and emails I left it there

Hi Asher,

i just left a voicemail and replied to your email to see how we can make things right. Email would be the best way to get a hold of me directly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your not the only one that can’t get a response, I’ve been trying to since 11/29. I could be trying harder but i shouldn’t have to send more than one email…

would be nice if Jason would see this and
Ask his people what’s going on he talks about
How poor other people work is but I bet if you call them they would pickup.

I have tried all November five calls three email.
Five voicemails.

I’ve sent a response to a email that ask if my order was correct and I had one wrong clamp in my order and no response. It’s great to ask if you’re order is ok, but it looks like it doesn’t matter.

yep zero response to emails asking for order status, phone no one answers

I find it interesting that the last thread complain about customer service got deleted

got ahold of Estella via phone today, she was nice and supper helpful, took care of my questions and handled missing items in one shipment along with status of another order. Understandably they are overwhelmed with volume, props to Jason for creating products in such demand, but it is frustrating when you don’t get a timely response.
I called 509.904.1447, I believe phone and fulfillment is handled by Valtra and not FBT, so frustration may be misdirected.

Yeah, same experience for me with the lack of response. I have been considering buying a Fireball table for a while and finally had decided to pull the trigger. Customer service’s lack of response to my questions has really given me pause. I’m worried how it will be if I have any issue with the product when I order. It’s too bad because I like Jason’s instructional videos and the product appears to be top notch. It’s a lot to spend though if the customer service isnt there.

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Hi Asher,

I’ve left 2 voicemails now trying to get a hold of you which has me second guessing if I have the correct phone number for you. At any rate, I’ll have the team ship out a new replacement square. No need to ship back the old one. If you could still give me a call back that would be appreciate it so I can see about making up for this mess. Hope to talk soon!

Hi Brian,

Can you provide me with an order number so I can look into your issue? I tried searching my system using your user name but unfortunately nothing came up. However, your order number is a sure way for me to locate you in our system. Thanks so much and I look forward to speaking soon!

Hi there,

I do apologize for the lack of response on our end. Can you provide me with your order number so I can personally help you out with the issue? Unfortunately, forum usernames make it difficult for me to locate you in my system. Hope to talk soon!

Hi JFunk,

If you would like, you could ask your questions in here and I will do my best to answer all of them.

We are making some changes to our customer service department. With the increase in demand for fireball products we have realized there is a need to invest and expand that department. I will be helping provide that support while we hire on more staff.

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I responded back to Jessica but she has not responded to me in a couple days. It would be better if she responded to my questions I already asked by email. I don’t want to provide my email here so maybe you can find it using my name? Thank you for responding.

The name is kevin
I have called left massages about combination
I just want to return the one I got.
The aluminum one,and trade it out for
Cast iron one the aluminum one I don’t think is tough enough fo the work that I do I have not used it still in the box it came scratched just from the shipping.
Thank you

I called again left another voicemail
Left all the details again hope to hear from you

You can always message your email by clicking on the person name that gives you a option to message them and no one else can see it

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