Fixture Table - Plate Leveling Fastener


I would like to see a video or read more about your plate leveling fasteners when used on a single, large table top. For example: I have a 60”x96”x1” plate that I would like to mount on a frame and use as a fixture table. I want it to be flat. My questions for you are; how far apart should the studs be spaced for 1” plate? Are these suitable for pulling a bow out of thick plate? What weight are they capable of supporting? My table frame will be 4”x4”x1/4” square tube, is 1/4” strong enough to support the point load these will introduce?

Thank you!

You will never be able to get plate steel truly flat unless you mount it to a table and have it Blanchard ground (very expensive the bigger the table is). If you are trying to get plate steel level with our fasteners you would probably need one every six inches to keep your surface deviation to .050"

I have a feeling 1 in plate is going to be really difficult to move unless you have a serious heavy duty frame. Probably made out of some I beams or big c channel. Something in the 10-12 in size. From there a stud every 12” will probably work depending on how bad the 1” plate is warped.

My plan was to use 4”x4”x1/4” square tube for a frame with 6 legs. I believe my plate is within 1/8” or so of being flat now. I am hoping gravity will help out some with fine tuning. Any tips with using these levelers on such a heavy top? Such as how to weld them to the frame with them being bolted to the top? Thanks again!

That 4x4 will probably be fine.