Follow Abom79's Work on The USA Made Hardtail

Abom79 has his hands on our US made Fireball Hardtail Castings! Follow his journey from turning the raw castings into a finished machined Hardtail Vise!

Here is an update on Abom79’s progress on our US made Fireball Hardtail Vise.

Adam’s newest videos:

Sure is fun to see all the parts and how it goes together in video form.

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Episode 18 is out now:

The next two episodes are out now:

Adam’s newest episodes!

Here they are! The final two episodes in Adam’s series of machining the USA casted 614 Hardtail Vise! It’s been a lot of fun to follow along and see what it takes to turn a variety of raw castings into a working Hardtail Vise. Awesome work Adam!