How To Fixture Small Parts - Fixturing 101 - VIDEO INSIDE

Recently at Fabtech in Chicago, I was asked by a Fireball customer how I would fixture a part in a certain scenario. In this video I set up the same scenario and show you how I would fixture it.




It’s funny this came up….I fixture small production runs like this all the time. Just a quick and dirty way to nail the placement and keep everything square. If the tolerance is tighter I can add more clamps to keep everything where it should be…!! 

I continue to find it interesting that people think a “flat” steel table and clamps can do the same quality. It’s not even a close argument.

@Fireball_Jason the video is missing or maybe somehow hidden.


Thank you for the heads up, it should work better now.

Excellent, thanks!! It is really great to see the examples of the various fixture items in use, gives me ideas for how I might do things in the future.


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