Lighted welding masks

It seems using a 'flash-light on a welding mask" is a new technique.

It also seems that people put their mask as close to the weld as possible :saluting_face: as if there is a strange fascination with occularation (occular pleasure) rather than practical application.

It is also interesting that most welding masks trap gases, with a few actually providing powered ventilation.

I started welding last year, I choose to use glasses because I was concerned about having gases trapped and condensed in a mask. I use glasses because it’s easier to just glance over them than to snap the mask open or closed.
For more intense stuff I have a clear full head helmet.

I use lights when welding and after a quick study online for welding helmets with lights the only thing I did get was a lead within the hyperbaric welding universe.
I also did my first upside down weld recently…never thought that was possible.

I have yet to try out an automated dimming helmets, I doughnut like.

over all the welding tutorials I have gone over noOne has mentioned just melting metals together (ie throwing a bunch of melted nails in an arch).
Only up-state N.Y. (Broome county) mentions brazzing the metal as opposed to grinding it down.

And no-one has ever mentioned properly lighting a weld.

I mean sure, the ‘flame’ itself is the source of light…