New dragon Wagon sale

Anyone else notice the awesome freebies if you buy a dragon wagon now? I’m wishing I’d waited to order. :joy:

A pair of minion squares and 4" forged vise.

Lol seen that too and thought of you.
I was like man that guy could have got
Four squares and two vises

I believe the phrase is, “all good things come to those that wait.”

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Removed by me.


That’s so cool

That’s awesome of Fireball! I just received my 30x54 dragon wagon this week. I’m loving it. But then I saw the new deal on the website and wished I waited a couple weeks to place my order.

I’m sure they can’t give that sweet deal for everyone who already got one lol


Why did you remove such an awesome post :sob:

Your kind words mean so much to our customer service department. Thank you so much for your support and we vow to continue to strive to become a company that not only has great tools but exceptional customer service!

But not too long, unfortunately. That would have definitely gotten me off of the fence.