Dragon Wagon Delivery!

Well, I got my Dragon Wagon delivery today. 2 2x3 tables I’ll be bolting in an L shape. First impression is that everything looks really good from the fixture parts to the first table I opened (despite the pallet breaking and them delivering it on a second larger pallet with the remains of the original sitting on it).


Replying to my own thread already. I thought they hadn’t included the hardware to attach the legs, but I found it all in one box. The only problem is they shipped M12x30 1.5mm pitch SHCS for holes that are threaded M12x1.75mm pitch.

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When you get the right bolts you will enjoy the tables! My wife said I can get another!


The bolts I got with mine last week were the 10mmx30 and were like 3 or 4 threads too long. Got some washers out before I went lube tech on the oil plug tight.

True to their name, a trip to Fastenal solved my fasteners issue. I picked up all 13 they had of the M12x30 and all 13 they had of M12X35 12.9 SHCS. Odd that they were both qtys of 13. (that’s a math joke for dads)

It was enough to get all the legs on both tables with 3 screws and get them upright and loosely bolted together with a pair of grade 8 3/4" bolts, then take the redundant pair of legs off and transfer the bolts from those legs to the empty hole in each of the other 6 legs.

Now I’ve got some 1x4 solid bar clamped on the table in a few spots to level the tables to each other and finish bolting them together. I have 2 3/4"x1.5" shoulder bolts and some washers to add to the pair of 3/4" grade 8 bolts (and another pair of grade 8 bolts I can add to the mix if I have any reservations about the possibility of the alignment between the tables shifting when it’s rolled around the shop). I figure it’s as close as the two tables can get to becoming one.

The garage is still a mess from trying to get ready for the tables. I was expecting more like 3+ weeks total delivery time like my vise, and had to scramble to get some of the big prep projects done in time since it came so fast.

Here’s some of the fixtures and bolts I got as well. The box of clamps is still mostly packed.


What’s the first thing you making on it?

Probably going to be using it to build some new tubing framework for my old welding table to repurpose it into more of a straight fabrication table and to hold my mig welders.

I’ve still got about a week of effort to get the shop organized with all the new stuff properly absorbed into the chaos.

I’ve got the bolting together process complete. I had to loosen everything and add a couple more clamps and retighten to get everything to line up just right in all the critical planes. I decided to just use all 4 grade 8 bolts and both shoulder bolts when making the connection.

I do wonder if I could skip the 6th leg (the one missing in the above picture) and bolt the 2 tables together through the leg mounting holes with 1/2" plate. I don’t anticipate putting 500 pound assemblies together on the table, so maybe it’s possible it’d be OK combined with all the bolts I’ve got going through the side flanges. Any thought on that @Fireball_Jason?

@Fireball_Jason @VC3 @Fireball_Eli

Sounds like a few of us have had problems with the leg bolts being the incorrect thread pitch, and the 8" quick bar clamp pins being too large to fit the table holes.

I checked and like others have reported the pin on the 12" quick clamp fit OK on the one I checked, as do the pins on the swivel bullseye pliers clamps.

The other guys may chime in here (they already commented in another thread).

I checked all of mine this morning. I had the same issue on just one of my clamps. I don’t have many since I just have the tier 1 package. I took some steel wool and sort of polished the pin. I was able to drop it in fairly well after that. Not sure if that will work for yours but maybe give it a try?

All the clamps from my order.

12" bar style quick clamp pin to table fit.

8" bar style quick clamp pin to table fit.


Nice display!
That’s weird those won’t fit!