NEW VIDEO - How To Use Fireball's Welding Table Tool Guide

In this video, Jason demonstrates how to use the Fireball Welding Table Drill Guide and compares the options between DIY Fixture Tables and The Fireball Dragon Wagon

Dragon Wagon 54" x 30":

Dragon Wagon 36" x 24":

Welding Table Drill Guide:

There’s no link to the forum in the video description, and I couldn’t say that on the video because comments are off.

DIY Budget Mag Drill:

Vevor Magnetic Drill Press
Check my video descriptions for links to all the kits. I tried linking them here, but it wouldn’t let me.

I have a couple videos out using the variable speed Vevor Mag Drill, but I’m not doing a full review until I run it through 216 holes for my welding table lol.

I made a stand for mine, part 1:

Part 2:


The link is now in the description, thank you!


can you link the other products you use, i’m interested in the countersink thanks

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It looks like the welding table tool guide is unavailable to order at the moment. I don’t see a way to be notified when it becomes available. Does anyone know of a way to get notified? Thanks.

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Would this work with my FEIN Slugger MagForce 90 Mag drill. Curious the distance between the bit and base of the drill? Thanks - didnt see that spec on the drawing on the website.

The drill fixture is 1” thick. As long as your bit can raise up this high you’ll be fine.

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Thank you !