What's Stopping You From Getting a Professional Fixture Table?

What factors are preventing you from purchasing a professional fixture table like the elite Fireball Tool Table system? Is it the price? Is it excessive for your need of accuracy? Is your skill level a concern? Share your thoughts and concerns below.

I don’t have the room for one or I would buy the 8.5 ft one.

Space is the biggest issue. Cost is the second.

My shop is just a half a 2-car garage. I bought the Langmuir 2’x3’ weld table a couple years ago and it’s definitely taken my projects to the next level (literally!). Combined with a few Fireball squares and clamps, I’m producing way better items.

I’m just a hobbyist, not a pro, so there isn’t a huge budget for fixturing tools.


@Nosferatu What other tooling are you using? The table is only 3/8 thick? I haven’t seen any tooling that works well with the 3/8 thick tables.

I live in Alaska, shipping heavy things like a quality table (Fireball) up here is a small fortune. But, next best thing I can do is build my own. Love my Fireball squares. Here’s a 7 minute vid. Of my table build is your interested.


@ScottR Thanks for sharing you table build. I appreciate the amount of labor that goes into building a table like yours. Especially the cabinet modifications and hole drilling. Any plans to add more holes? Maybe go to 2 in centers so you can use the fireball table tooling? Maybe just one half?

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Thats a really good idea, I’m still getting use to having a table like this, it is so nice to be able to clamp anywhere, I’m thrilled every time I use it. Adding more hole is not out of the question by any means. I’ll be pondering that now.

I have 2 of these,great for me


I’m using Inserta pliers and clamps, as well as round pins. I just bought your square post pins which are a big improvement over the round ones.

I’m not doing a lot of super heavy duty stuff though. Mostly 2.5" and under square tubing, angle, small pieces of plate, etc. I’m nowhere near your level of fabrication!

I haven’t found the thickness to be a impediment. Everything clamps down tight and I get nice square joints. Would I like it if it were thicker? Of course, but it doesn’t stop me from getting work done. It’s still way, way better than not having a fixture table.

I’ve thought about adding on another table to this one to create a 3x4 table, but I’m just not sure about how well the attachment system works and if I could get it truly flat, and I’m not totally convinced a table with those dimensions really adds anything. I’d probably be better off going with a 4x8-ish table.

One thing I’d love to see you make is a drill press fixture table. Being able to use my clamps to hold down things on my drill press would be awesome!

@Nosferatu Sounds like the only thing you’re missing is an adjustable stop like the tooth block we sell. You can add a shim washer to the tack bolt to take up the clearance with the thinner tops.

Also I make a drill press plate that you can add to your drill press. 24x18 Drill Press Fixture Plate


@Fireball_Jason Well damn! How did I miss that on your site? It’s perfect! One more thing on the wishlist!

I’ll take a look at the adjustable stop as well. I need to add more clamps and your new Mutant squares seem like they would be a good compliment to my Minion squares.

I just got your magnetic shim kit a bit ago and have put that to good use.

So much stuff, so little money!

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@Fireball_Jason is the tack bolts the correct length to work with the 12x24 fixture plate? Also just curious as to what the mounting hole spacing is center to center on those fixture plates

@Jglenn76 yes the 5/8 tack bolt is designed to clamp the 1in fireball fixture to a 1/2 surfaces. The tack bolt has 1/4 thickness variation wiggle room.

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Awesome thank you. Would you happen to know the spacing between the mounting holes on those plates? I was gonna go ahead and plan out my frame for them. I can always measure them myself when i make it back to the shop but just trying to get a headstart on things

@Jglenn76 The plate doesn’t have specific mounting holes, but it has 1/2-13 tapped holes on the 2”x2” grid. This is the best solution for many different applications the plate can be used for.

I belive we may be talking about different fixture plates, the 24x12 plates that i have doesnt have tapped holes.

@Jglenn76 yes the 4 corner mounting holes are 2” in from the corners 20”x8” rectangle. 3/8-16 holes are recommended for bolts.

Awesome thanks alot man. I really appreciate the fact that youre willing to sit down and interact with people. It means alot.

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So your 5/8" gear will work with the langmuir tables. I’m most interested if the toothblock setup will work. I just saw you have a shorter bolt for thinner tops (was this for build pro setups, I think langmuir is thinner than build pro).


@jbaigis17 Yes the Fireball tack bolt works with the Langmuir. The tack bolt has a automatic adjustment collar that allows different table thicknesses.