New Video Suggestions?

I love the products your building and selling but do you have any new videos coming out that don’t have anything to do with fixture tables or clamping squares? Don’t get me wrong i love that stuff… but i already own a stack of your squares, clamps and ordered a fixture table…
What i (and I’m sure many of your long time viewers) would love to see is the occasional video where you continue to build or design something thats really interesting just for the sake of doing it because your a brilliant inventor.
I’m talking about the videos where you share the rest of your knowledge that got many of us interested in your channel like "Go-cart grinder, blacksmith vice, bandsaw, the awesome pivoting vice plate. And the ideas videos like prolonging the life of your cut off wheels and busting the myth on twists in ratchet strap, filing backwards amd the like.
Videos that don’t feel like your just trying to build up hype to sell something. I’m still happy to watch those but I’d love to hear what ideas you’ve got planned or if your open to new video suggestions.

Best Regards and respect from Australia.

We’re building a Sci fi office. 3 videos in the collection so far. They are available in the fireballtool website.


Thats fantastic and i can’t wait to see it finished… but kinda missing my point. Most of your viewers won’t likely be building their own star wars office and that content while cool and interesting isn’t relatable for home builders and fabricators like the majority were for of your early videos. I love the products your selling but would love to see a bit more variety brought back. Maybe when you’ve got some free time thats not devoted directly to building your business i know many of us would love to see you build another piece of equipment or bust a myth instead of cycling between squares, tables and office.

Time for that rotary table upgrade video 30k+ Likes completed

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I would like to see Jason restore that anvil
That he has.
In was in the video with Will Stelter
That thing needs to be decked bad
Or make a sci-fi desk for new office would be cool! I made one and a Star wars chair
Came out great! I have dxf files for it

I would like to get a tour of the foundry
That makes the squares

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I think a video that shows how much force it takes to induce a specific amount of twist or deflection on various fixture tables would be great, as would a video showing actual maximum clamping forces you can generate with a given hole and thickness combination for each table, could be part of the same video.

I’d also be interested in some more insights into what an average day at Fireball Tool looks like for various team members. I bet a lot of us would be surprised at the people, roles, and tasks that go unseen in the background. The YouTube channel makes it seem like a small shop, but I suspect there’s a whole lot more going on than we’ve seen.

@Fireball_Jason I’d love to see a video about how rigid different techniques of fabrication are. Example:

This plate improves stiffness by 34% while weight is only increased by 2% compared to no plate in the corner. It seems to be a very simple thing to add but I’ve never seen it on anything welded.

I did a whole thread about this but it was flagged as spam? :person_shrugging:

this last one only has 47% displacement of A while only having 79% the mass

Seems like the right place to post this?! I’ld like to see Jason build a functional 50 ton pinch press. Cause I need one and would love to try to copy his design! If any body has one please share!

What is a pinch press?

Dang it, Punch * press. I have a pretty nice-ish drill press, but I loath drilling holes. Punching would be so much faster.

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