Video Discussion: "Office Build Episode 4: Lights & Floors"

How do you think this build has turned out so far? What has been the most interesting part? Did we overcomplicate things too much or did we not go far enough? Leave your questions and comments here!

The video


Worked on aircraft and the decks were alumanun and they were noisy but very durable. They were about 2 feet wide to line up with the aircraft structuer for support and strength. It may be too late for you to change or just cut groves to look like seperate panels and add screws to simulate seperate pannels.

Anyone else have trouble watching the videos on the website? I’ve tried chrome, safari and brave and each time the video cuts off saying an error occurred about 2-3 mins into watching it. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro on the latest update. Other videos on different platforms work fine. Really wish I could watch it uninterrupted.


This is really becoming one of the coolest shops ever. Ive never seen this much effort into something like an office. Definitely would be cool to look out the glass and admire all the tools and projects. New life goal


I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I was with all of the office build videos. The attention to detail and skill level that went into designing and constructing the space is truly remarkable. I can see that much thought and care went into creating a cool and comfortable work environment for everyone. It’s clear that the team put a lot of effort into making this a space that everyone can be proud of. Thank you for sharing!

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This office build is so Jason! …I started watching Fireball Tools 3 or 4 years ago when he was just beginning to post to YT. His attention to detail in his builds and editing is what has made a lifetime subscriber and I really look forward to his videos even though I have nothing to do with metal or wood construction :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!

This has to be the coolest office I have ever seen, amazing job.

I searched for answers but I can’t find any, are all exclusive videos going to be 1080p rather than the usual 4k we’ve been getting on YouTube? I want to watch it in the best quality available so if the issue is on my end and the videos are in 4k then how do I watch it in 4k?

When the build is complete, is jason planning on uploading a video to youtube dedicated to the office build or is he really keeping videos to his own website??

Wow, what an amazing office you guys are building! Love the amount of detail that goes into it. Am not much of a science fiction guy myself, but this almost makes me reconsider :wink:

I’m glad the vice testing video popped up in my YouTube feed and I remembered that you are now mostly uploading on this site exclusively. Watched all the office build video’s in one go. I’ve subscribed to the newsletter, so hopefully don’t miss any of your video’s.

I think the original mezzanine video is actually the first video I saw a couple of years and made me subscribe to the channel btw.

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Pardon my french. But that portal, light fixture is F**king amazing! I cant believe the epic size or the epic quality of it. The tv’s are sooo amazing.


I don’t know what others say or think but the build is lets say off the planet just amazing only thing i just can’t get my head around is the astronomical price tag that has gone with this build i know it’s non of my business but it’s hard to imagine the total coast of just an office in a work shop a real nice office mind you