Nice Try Fireball

So you thought you were just going to drop this new clamp in the store and slip it past me huh? Think again.

Either this is brand new, or you guys hid it in the bowels of the website never to be found, or I’m slipping.

So what project or idea created the spark for this new clamp?


Yes it’s brand new. I haven’t had a chance to show it off yet. It’s designed to reach in tight spaces.


Dang it, @Fireball_Jason, you keep spending my money. As I’ve been getting more and more into metal fabrication and welding, I honestly can’t imagine tackling any of the projects I have without your tools or the ones you’ve recommended from other companies.

I almost haven’t done a single project I’ve been happy with the results of that I wasn’t using one of the Fireball squares or some of your fixtures.

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