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Hey Jason, I’m not a customer or even a welder/fabricator. I just happened to stumble across your YouTube page, maybe a year ago. I really enjoy your popular mechanics videos and was curious if you plan on releasing any more? Either way I’ll continue to watch and enjoy whatever you put out. FYI the more I watch the more I want to learn to weld. Old dogs and new tricks I suppose, after almost 25 years as a heavy equipment operator you’d think I might have picked up on it, lord knows I’ve seen many welding rigs on site but alas… no such luck. Maybe in addition to selling tools you could market a video series for the at home, learning in the garage welder?

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I to would like that

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Hi, as much as that would be interesting, there are several really good content providers for welding information on youtube. I don’t think Jason could really compete with some of these other content providers. I appreciate the diversity of his content but I think to go deep into a specific area, it might be better to try any of these below. I know there are others and I am subscribed to many, I chose the ones that really helped me get started in my welding, not that the others didn’t. The list provided have a tremendous information for a new person. I hope this helps…


Thanks for the channels, I’ll check them out! I guess I posed a two part question without trying to, what do you think of his popular mechanics?

The popular mechanics series were great. Do you follow Abom79? He’s doing a nice series on milling a fireball vise. Jason sent him the castings. It’s been interesting to see the work that goes into making the vise.

The popular mechanics videos are great pieces of entertainment. I hope he continues with the series.

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