Shielding gas for mig welding

Hey this is a question for Jason in regard to a suggestion that was made on MIG shielding gas and the gas had oxygen in it I believe it was Argon oxygen and possibly helium or oxygen argon and CO2 I really don’t remember but if you could tell me what that was that would be great thanks

Yes it’s Norgas 1
8% co2
2% oxygen
90% argon

What’s the advantage or specific use for that mix? It just seems like an odd choice is all.

Lots of uses. But It’s required if you want to globular or spray transfer at lower voltage. Or weld material 3/16 or thicker with deep penetration. Or get high deposition rates with small wire diameters.

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I’d heard of 90/10 for spray transfer, but not this mix with the included oxygen. Are we talking spray transfer or >3/16" on a 110v machine or are there some other important benefits of the added oxygen?

This is the description from Norco’s website.

  • 3/16" to 1/2" material thickness
  • Better operator appeal versus AR/CO2 mixes
  • Good multi-pass capabilities
  • Good arc stability
  • Low smoke & spatter levels

I use Stargon gas, which is essentially the same 90/8/2 mix of CO2, argon, and oxygen. Has worked well for me and isn’t much more expensive than 90/10.