New hire welding test results

I got this message from RHI Manufacturing yesterday and they are looking to hire more help. RHI issued a welding test similar to the fireball build a square test.
I’d like to discuss this more. What’s your thoughts?
The results are pretty spot on from my findings also.
Do we as fabricators need more education, tools, on how to build a simple square? I wish I had more information on the testing parameters. How much time did they get to make the box? What was the tolerance? Did they cut the material themselves?
I invited RHI to the forum so hopefully they can chime in and update us with more details.
I do see some simple mistakes also from the photos. I noticed the tube weld seams are all over the place. Sometimes this is isn’t always possible to get them organized but in this case I think it’s possible.


Nice to see that validation! Thanks for sharing it with us Jason!!


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Seeing this makes me want to try and organize a standard fabrication test. A weldment beginner fabricators can practice building at home. It would have to be built with a time limit and meet general fabrication tolerance. The problem is finding a way for them to check the weldment.


This post made me laugh. I know a 21 year old that did a Lincoln tech welding program 2 years ago. I showed him the fireball fixture table. His response was his work does use stuff like that, they build custom fixtures for their production stuff (he works at a fab place that does small quantity orders of things). What I found most interesting was his lack of vision to see the value in such a system. I really think the place to introduce this technology is at the welding trade schools. I am a self trained welder and my wife has seen the improvement the dragon wagon has done for both speed and squareness for my builds!


How could they be flat? Were the welds ground on the side towards the table?
If they did not use the table to fixture my guess is they did not know how or the size they were building them they needed shims to use the tooling?
were drawings provided with tolerances?
Did anyone express that these need to be within spec?
The one is not even fully welded. I bet most of these could have been weeded out before getting to the test.

They should have asked them why they did not use fixturing. I would ask them all the things they are wondering about. This will help them in there search for the fabricator they are looking for.