Shop visit

Jason, I’ve been watching your content for a while now and most recently bought some goodies from your shop. The squares are top notch.

I’m interested in a fixture table and I’m at this cross roads of build my own and deal with the general lack of tolerances specifically related to flatness or really spoil myself and pony up the real bucks for the real deal.

I’ve got an arclight pro table and have considered this route versus drilling for speed and simplicity but obviously recognize the anular cutter would produce more accurate results.

I’m not a professional and my metal shop is mostly hobby but it certainly has potential to be a lot less hobby with just a bit more key pieces of equipment. Wondering if there’s an opportunity for me to see a fixture table in action in person? I’m under 2 hours away from Spokane and would make the trip if it worked out to check out the system in person.

Thanks in advance!

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