Tape measure large hook?

Our weld shop uses mostly square and rectangular tubing, and hooking a regular tape measure on that radius doesn’t work well.

Are there any large add on tape measure hooks out there, or a similar solution?

Lately I have been using the Lufkin Shockforce 25’ tape by Crescent it has a larger hook on the end and has come in very handy. My only complaint is the belt hook, Im a big fan of the Milwaukee wire hooks they have on their tapes and knives.

@jeremy11 Fat Max Extreme. It has a giant hook on the end. It was pretty common 15 years ago in the big box stores, but I haven’t seen them around in awhile.

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Ric here. harbor freight has craft magnets 1/4 x 1`/2 x2 with square ends. you can clip them on the sides of the square tubing and hook tape there. Just don’t forget the added dimension to your measurements. hope this helps.

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We use some 10x10x1/2 wall square tube and 12x4x1/2 for a few different things, and they are impossible to measure across due to the radius of the corners so i usually (if possible) clamp a piece of flat to one side and just push my tape into that. It just really depends on the radius of the tube if its possible that a blade will catch, for some of them, it really is just impossible.

We did just purchase the Fireball Combo Square so that’ll work for laying out tabs on the members better than cheapo combo squares. Its huge and should work amazingly well.

although they seem stupidly expensive, and I have no idea how accurate they are or how accurate you need it to be, take a minute and check out a Logger’s tape. the wacky end might suit your needs…