Is there a hack for transferring lines on square tubing?

Relatively new to metal work. The radius on the corners is frustrating my attempts to cut 45 degree pieces consistently to length.

We actually developed our combination square specifically to solve this issue. The body is thicker than the normal combination square and allows you to index past the radii on tubing.

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How are you cutting your tubing?

Those are the best combo square!


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When I cut round tubing I use the weld seam
As a line down the tube that way your points will always the same and not a few degrees out
I think that’s what your asking I can send a pic tomorrow if you want me too

Thanks, Wyatt. I probably didn’t do a great job of describing the issue that I’m having. I can transfer the line from one surface 90 degrees to another without difficulty, and consistently cutting square parts to length isn’t a problem. I’ve found that making a 45 degree cut for a corner is a more difficult task because unlike the square edge on a piece of lumber or bar stock, the radius of the tube corner frustrates an attempt to draw the 45 degree cut line tangent to the measurement line. Cutting to the transferred line leaves the piece too long. I was hoping that there was a more elegant solution than just measuring the cut part and offsetting the cut line on subsequent parts by the difference.

@tcat something like this? or need a continuous 45 degree?

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Any chance you have or know someone with a 3D printer? You could have some simple 45° guides printed for various material sizes, mark your outer or inner edge length, slide the guide on to match your marked line, draw your other lines.

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Thanks, that’s a possibility. I was just hoping that the OGs who’ve been doing this for years had a workaround to share with a noob. I don’t have access to a belt sander so there’s a real premium on getting it right on the first cut. Thanks to everyone who’s replied.

I would think that would well work for what Tcat is trying to do. I might just grab one my self.
Thanks for posting

As you do it more and more you will be able to eyeball it. But sometimes you can be off and with no way to touch up on a sander makes it tough.
That square is cheap enough!

How bad is the radius? A speed square may be long enough that you can use that. Another option would be to use something like a square or straight edge and clamp it to the measurement side of the tube - then use your 45

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That has to be the most non user friendly store I have seen. I tried to see how much the cost would be and could not figure out how to even do it.

I would just come here and get one.

Doesn’t look like it lets you add any products to your cart. Makes me think that you either have to call them, or their web store is dead.

I do that kind of work all the time. I always measure everything on the tube centerline so my 45s come out exactly to length. Just deduct for each end that has an angle. 45s are easy as it’s just half the tube width. 22.5 degrees makes you scratch your head a little. Then you don’t have to deal with the corner radius at all. I actually made myself a 22.5 degree combination square since I do that kind of work all the time.

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I bought a pile of these way back from Jody welding tips and tricks, before he had his store that he has now. So handy and used all the time. Now it has a brother with the fireball version.

Fireball tools has those squares

If you ever get a min to post some pics or video of how you do that I would love to see it.
I think I see what your saying, but not sure where the square comes in to play?

I will also look and see if I can find something online.