Using Welding Squares On Uneven Surfaces

Was using the monster square for the first time to weld square tubing today. I watched this video prior to using the square and set it up in a similar fashion.

However one of the pieces of tubing is 3ft long, so when I placed it on the tabs, the weight of the unsupported end was pushing it down, so it wasn’t resting on the tabs. Even when I clamped the tubing to the square it was able to move because there was only enough room to put one clamp on the square.

To help solve this I ended up clamping the tubing to the tabs. Is this normal to have to do this? I could support the other end of tubing but if it’s not level it could lead to a twist in the frame. Am I using the square wrong?

Yes clamp to the tabs that’s what they are for.


Thanks Jason. Are there any plans for new shapes of tabs? If using the Monster square you can only use three tabs, if using the mega square you can use four for a 90 degree joining.

If you had an L shaped tab you could clamp to both pieces to the one tab at the 90 degree angle of the square. Both pieces could be clamped in two places each, and you could turn piece over to tack on three sides.

Also tabs to align squares together would be nice. I was welding a small piece of tubing at a 90 degree angle to another piece. In order to make sure the long piece was flush with the square on the X axis I needed to use to tabs. So I had no edge to place the small piece against which led me to clamping the two squares together. It was tricky to get them to clamp together using the tabs to align them. If there were tabs that had two holes that allowed you to quickly align them together it would be ideal.

Thanks for that. Does not appear to be available in on the European website.