The Problem with Welding Square Frames

Hey everyone! In two of our recent videos, Jason demonstrated all of the issues that come with welding together four 90 degree angles into a box frame. His solution to be sure about this was the Fireball Tool fixture table. Please share your thoughts on Jason’s results and what you might do differently to accomplish the same goal of “perfect” right angles with the frame.

Links to the videos:
Part 1
Part 2

This video sold me on needing to get a fixture table. Need to make room in my shop first tho.

The big take away for me was, “Fixt8ure on the Filet side” …

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Went back to watch the older video after seeing the new one. Its going to be a topic of discussion in class, for sure! (starting a new chapter of my later life by going to welding and fabrication school).