Welding sequence for a box frame

Jason, or anyone else for that matter. I have been very successful using a Monster square and the welding sequence you teach for making a square frame. I have also been pretty successful in applying it to making a box by connecting two square frames together with four connecting bars at their corners. But my recent build I ended up with a slight trapezoid on the top and bottom that was out of square by 1/8".I realize that this isn’t all that bad on a frame that is 24" x 16", (top and bottom of frame) but I was hoping you could critique my welding sequence and see what you think?
The first photo shows the two frames with yellow lines and the four tubes that I attached them with in red. The second photo shows how I first welded the 1" outer seam and the third photo shows how I followed it by welding the 2" outer seam. The sequences are the same for the inner seams, I did the 1" followed by the final 2" seam.
I appreciate any useful feedback.
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P.S. The frame is upside-down, that’s why there are corner braces, it’s for welding casters too.

Can you show a picture of where your out of square?

The yellow lines indicate where I was longer or out of square, top and bottom after welding the red tubes to the front and back square frames. And this was before welding the gussets into corners.
Thanks for any help!

I take it was square before welding? Did you tack it all and double check it before welding? I can’t really see welding it pulling it out of square but maybe.
Now that’s it’s welded, do outside measurements check the same side to side and end to end?

Yes, I did tack it all up and it was square prior to welding it out. I have welded similar projects before without issues. I don’t have a decent welding table, so I use a Monster square to tack everything up, then weld it out on a H.F. welding table or on the floor as I did in this case when it is too big for the table. I may have knocked out of square rotating it on the floor early on in welding it out is all I can think of. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth, along with a few physical ailments so moving even a project of this size is a bit challenging.
I was just looking to see if anybody saw a flaw in my approach to welding it out. I appreciate the time you took to check it out.
Thank you.
All the best Chuck.

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